General information concerning the use of the DePrint website

DePrint website and online ordering interface have been renewed to make orders simpler and quicker; to create a website that is accessible and transparent with the use of various electronic devices (desktop computers, smartphones, tablets, etc.), as well as include recently introduced, new services – with special respect to 3D printing, considered to be a popular service domain in the near future – among products that can be ordered online.


Based on our General Terms and Conditions belonging to the DePrint website, no registration is needed for the use of the website or service demands. One underlying reason is the accelerated, comfortable management of orders, and additionally this approach also ensures the avoidance of our keeping customer data for longer periods of time, which supports our compliance with the relevant data privacy requirements, and fully prevents personal information from being used for purposes other than the supply of services. Our Data Privacy Statement explains the data privacy standards we follow in more details.

File types

The types of the electronic files that can be uploaded to the DePrint website are restricted. The file types that are the most commonly used for the creation and editing of electronic files, such as Microsoft Office file types (typically MS Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint files) cannot be uploaded, because they tend to result in differing outcomes in various computer configurations and software versions, while we want our products created in the course of service supply to be identical to the images you can see on your own screens in terms of form, page setting and colour trueness.

The most important aspect is that the file type(s) needed for the fulfillment of the individual orders is/are indicated by a text message over the Upload button at all times.

For most of our service, electronic files with .pdf file extension can be accepted. These files can be generated in all the Microsoft Office applications with just two clicks of the left mouse button under the Save As… option of the File menu, by selecting the PDF file format.

For graphic designs, the DePrint system accepts files with .jpg and .png file extensions.

When 3D objects are submitted for price inquiry, we expect you to send .stl files to us.


The broad-scaling accessibility of our services is supported by various campaigns and games we regularly announce at our website and Facebook page.

On the other hand, the prices of the individual products ordered cannot be fixed or 100% accurate, because the final selling prices are calculated from the unit prices, the electronic files you upload and send via the website, as well as your preferences and the required data you enter. Therefore, we are able to supply the demanded services in an appropriate and safe manner only after checking the parameters you specify. Consequently, in the Ordering section and then in the confirmation email automatically generated by the website you will see only indicative prices that may slightly differ from the final selling prices that are due at the time of delivery.

When you select the correct files, options and quantifiable data, these indicative prices are mostly accurate or just minimally differ from the final selling prices. With the prices, we follow strict rules, meaning that any deviation at or over 10% from the indicative prices is considered to be an extreme price difference, which requires us to suspend the fulfillment of our services until further consultation with the customer concerned.


Due to these follow-up checks on the demanded services and indicative prices, we cannot accept bank transfers or other electronic means of payment as the form of payment of the prices seen at our website. When the products are collected at our shops, payment can be made in cash or by bankcard, or with home delivery cash payment is accepted.

Price inquiries

For two of our services, the process of ordering at our website runs into only price inquiries.

In the case of Thesis booklets, it is the rigorous formal requirements that call for continued consultation with the customers demanding such services, based on the uploaded electronic files and specified data.

When 3D printing for such unique objects is requested that cannot be found on stock at the website, still before the preparation of our price quotation we are to check the feasibility of printing the given model in the light of the actual service demands.

In both cases, we respond to your price inquiry as soon as it is practicable, but no later than within 1 business day.


Towards the perfect experience of ordering from your armchair, we support the convenient fulfillment of customer demands by undertaking deliveries free of charges within the area of the University of Debrecen.

Within the urban area of Debrecen, orders under the total gross value of HUF 1000 are subject to delivery fees, while over this limit amount they do not carry any additional charge.

Should you have any delivery demand beyond the urban area of Debrecen, please contact us in a message via the website, email or phone.

Additional information

We are pleased to respond to any question or request in association with the website or our services submitted under the Contact tab of the website; similarly, if you have any observation, recommendation in relation to the operation or development of the website or our shops, please do not hesitate to leave a message to us. Thank you in advance: the DePrint Team.